our story


we believe food is medicine + that most ailments can be cured with a wholesome + plant-based diet that is as organic as possible


we believe our overall health is directly related to eliminating as many additives + preservatives + pesticides as possible from our lifestyle


we believe the world would be a much healthier place to live if everyone prioritized their food + lifestyle choices


as a student of Ayurveda for 20 years, Elissa truly believes that food is medicine.  the journey of this amazing loaf of bread began when she was diagnosed with low thyroid, lyme, and autoimmune.  not one to accept defeat, her mission for a natural cure thus began by juicing daily at her 1st cafe and removing grains from her diet.  she admits that going grain-free was challenging, her health did improve dramatically and although she was able to get off medication, she missed bread dearly.  while guiltily enjoying some freshly baked bread that a dear yogi brought her one morning and dreaming about making it grain free, she caught sight of some of the beautiful, leftover pulp from her juicer.

of Italian and French descent, she absolutely loves efficiency in the kitchen with the simplest of ingredients, not letting anything go to waste, and baking her whole life allowed her to complete what you now hold in your hands - the result of that next year of determination.  beginning with the juicing process that removes almost all of the sugar, what is left as the base contains so much fiber and nutrients.  she then packs flax for omegas, molasses for B vitamins, and her 'secret' ingredient - LOVE by drawing a heart in this wonderfully nutrient-rich mix.  with a never ending to-do list, Elissa attributes a primary source of her strength and endless energy to this loaf of bread you are holding in your hands!  fortunate to have her husband and best yogi friends on her life's journey, she and her amazing partners hope you enjoy this wonderful bread as much as they do!