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3 Reasons To Try Planted Organic Breads

    We are fermentation junkies.  We ferment organic sunflower seeds, beans & veggies in order to get you a bread that acts as a prebiotic for the gut.  Our bread will not only leave you satisifed but also you will notice a change in your digestive system after replacing our bread w/ traditional breads.
    Gluten Free breads lack fiber & actually make your gut worse.  Our breads & baked goods are packed with an ayurvedic herb called psyllium husk & flaxmeal.  We avoid processed oils, sugars and binders.  All of our ingredients have purpose!
    Our breads are inspired by the taste of real artisinal breads.  The flavors are rich, wholesome and satisfying.
    Our vegbread has an earthy taste, our focaccia is true fluffy garlic heaven & our traditional sourdoughs & baguettes are hard to compete with ( you will think you traveled to France )!


    ( our first recipe )
    An organic bread made of vegetables & beans.
    Kale, celery, swiss chard, beets, carrots.  We extract the sugar, ferment & bake.  If you love earthy hearty bread you will love this gem.  It comes sliced for you ready to toast.  Keep frozen as this bread molds fast as it should being it's organic veggies!  Available Plain or Cinnamon Raisin Seed!
    A soft bread we made for sandwiches at our first cafe.  This bread is made of chickpea & cassava root.  It makes a great deep dish pizza or garlic bread for sundays as well!  This bread comes in a beautiful wooden box so you can heat for 15-20 minutes before eating.  You can also slice & use for toasts or sandwiches!
    This is a fan favorite for those who like traditional artisan breads.  With an amazing outer crunch and a soft fluffy inside this loaf is for everyone.
    It starts with fermented sunflower milk.  This 2.5 lb loaf is parbaked just for you to finish quickly in your oven.  You will be so excited to have fresh baked bread for the week that is actually good for you! 
    If you really like the crunch of the crust on our sourdough, you will love these crunchy baguettes.  Again, they come parbaked so you just bake shortly in your oven to have fresh baguettes!